Relationship and couple counselling generally requires a different approach to one-to-one

counselling and focuses on the intimate relationship between the couple.

This form of counselling aims to help you understand the dynamics of your intimate

relationships, overcome entrenched difficulties, improve communication and

move things forward.

Relationship and couple counselling can also be very helpful both for couples who are

preparing for a life together and for couples who have agreed to end their relationship but

wish to do so with the minimum of emotional damage to themselves and their children.

I am available to work with any adult-age couples, minority ethnicity couples, cross-culture

couples, heterosexual couples and same sex couples.

Relationship counselling is not just for couples, however, and many individuals find it very

helpful. You may, for example, be experiencing the loss of a relationship and want to explore

and understand the difficulties that triggered your relationship breakdown. Or you may find

making intimate adult relationships very difficult and want to look at the issues that may be

holding you back.

Whatever the problem, it can help to talk. And the results can benefit the whole family.